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I am a seasoned executive with 20 years experience in marketing, branding, communications, creative direction, business scaling, product development, retail, content, operations, and sales. Utilizing my MBA & MA in Design I have devoted my career to building innovative global brands and scaling small start ups into large, successful enterprises.

I am a dynamic individual with an innovative entrepreneurial spirit, sharp management and business skills, and a wealth of experience and expertise in all aspects of running successful results driven businesses. I am comfortable in any type of environment and excel at forming lasting relationships and collaborating with a broad range of people and cultures. I have a strong enthusiasm for strategy and content and in creating companies' brands with a uniquely vibrant voice and identity. I am globally savvy and can create go to market strategy and implementation in any local market for any demographic. I am a detailed organizer and thrive in roles where I can help to build teams, perform cross functional collaboration, manage financials, and oversee creative direction.  
Over my career I have worked in health & wellness, lifestyle, travel, fashion, food, technology, and pharmaceuticals. I have helped build multiple retail, e-commerce, and delivery platforms, pioneered many animal brands, developed educational training programs for health & wellness brands around the globe and driven successful media and marketing campaigns for international expansion. I have created diverse inclusive engaging experiences, products, partnerships, and campaigns that inspire action and prosperity in the marketplace and in businesses.
I am from New York City, have lived all over the world, including many years in California, and I am now based in Paris. 

In my personal time I am a jewelry designer, writer, and avid reader and enjoy quality food, hiking, travel, and spending time with animals.

I am passionate about helping people and animals and creating better lives for them through the products, services, and experiences that I create. It is my mission to create more joy in people’s lives and to provide an uplifting life enhancing experience through everything I do. 
Available for full time work, projects, consulting, and freelance in any time zone.

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